50 Tips to Help Students Succeed

50 Tips to Help Students Succeed

Develop Your Student's Time-Management and Executive Skills for Life

by Marydee Sklar
Publisher: Anguanga Publishing
Trade Paperback, 224 pages
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At last! Practical advice to help your child'ssuccess at school and at home. In this simple, easy-to-understand guide, Marydee Sklar explains how brain development is to blame for children's poor time-management, planning, and organization behaviors. You'll find solutions to day-to-day challenges so you can:

  • Overcome resistance to starting homework and projects
  • Let go of micromanaging your child's use of time
  • Ensure assignments are transported safely to and from school
  • Manage time spent on smartphones and video games
  • Forget nagging about chores and homework

Written with compassion, Marydee's tips will enable the whole family to calm down and get work done.As an educator, Marydee Sklar has helped families struggling with time management for almost twenty years. She is the author of the Seeing My Time books.

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