50 States: A State-by-State Tour of the USA

50 States: A State-by-State Tour of the USA

by Erin McHugh, Alfred Schrier (Illustrator), Jeff Suntala (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 236 pages
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Based on Black Dog's successful State Shapes series, this great big guide to the country is a unique, fun-filled way for kids to learn everything there is to know about all 50 states

Includes a fold-out 50-state jigsaw puzzle and a 50-state quarter collector map!

Arranged alphabetically by state, 50 States brings kids face to face with all the beauty and diversity of the United States in an innovative and entertaining package. Kid characters guide readers through the states, pointing out the state capital, historic landmarks, famous residents, geographical and natural wonders, local delicacies, and odd and interesting facts. Additional pages include a brief history of the United States, as well as fun and informative activities?from quizzes to word and picture hunts?that help kids remember the information they've just learned. A sturdy 50-state jigsaw puzzle mounted at the front of the book, and a 50-state quarter collector map in the back, makes 50 States the perfect way for kids ages 9 to 12 to learn about the country.

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