50 Amazing Things Kids Need to know About Mathematics

50 Amazing Things Kids Need to know About Mathematics

by Anne Rooney
Publisher: Quercus
Hardcover, 191 pages
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You can't built a bridge, bake a cake or even do your shopping without math, but many children (and adults) are put off it at school because it can seem pretty tricky and, dare we say it, boring...

50 Amazing Things Kids Need to Know About Mathematics will help you over your math hurdles once and for all. Packed with hundreds of amazing puzzles, games and facts, each chapter breaks down the basics in a fun, accessible way. The weird and wonderful scenarios will entertain as much as they inform, and make learning math a breeze.

Key concepts are explored through 50 fun chapters, including: How to measure a mountain; How to be a codebreaker; How to travel at the speed of light; How to count to infinity; How to build a skyscraper; How to make a rainbow; How to solve crime; How to fly an airplane; How to survive an Arctic winter. Specifically written by an expert educational author, this book is suitable for children of all abilities aged 7-11 years.

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