5 Cities That Ruled the World

5 Cities That Ruled the World

How Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London & New York Shaped Global History

by Douglas Wilson
Trade Paperback, 304 pages
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In Five Cities that Ruled the World, theologian Douglas Wilson fuses together, in compelling detail, the critical moments birthed in history's most influential cities—Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and New York.

Wilson issues a challenge to our collective understanding of history with the juxtapositions of freedom and its intrinsic failures: liberty and its deep-seated liabilities. Each revelation beckoning us deeper into a city's story, its political systems, and how it flourished and foundered.

You'll discover the significance of:

  • Jerusalem's complex history and its deep-rooted character as the city of freedom, where people found their spiritual liberty
  • Athens' intellectual influence as the city of reason and birthplace of democracy
  • Rome's evolution as the city of law and justice and the freedoms and limitations that come with liberty
  • London's place in the world's history as the city of literature where man's literary imagination found its wings
  • New York's rise to global fame as the city of commerce and who it triggered unmatched wealth, industry, and trade throughout the world

Five Cities that Ruled the World chronicles the destruction, redemption, personalities. and power structures that altered the world's political, spiritual, and moral center time and again. It's an inspiring, enlightening global perspective that encourages readers to honor our shared history, contribute to the present, and look to the future with unmistakable hope.

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