44 Animals of the Bible

44 Animals of the Bible

by Nancy P. Johnson, Lloyd R. Hight (Illustrator)
Publisher: Master Books
Hardcover, 45 pages
Price: $9.99
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God watches when the doe gives birth to her fawn. He makes the leopard swift to hunt its prey. From the exotic ibex to the more commonly-known tortoise, these and the other wonderful creatures of this book will delight children and parents during an exploration of where each animal appears in Scripture!

The 44 Animals of the Bible are:

  • Shown in splendid, full-color illustrations
  • Included within the text of specific Bible verses
  • Easy-to-read with helpful details and fascinating facts!

God cares for the animals and He wants us to do the same, as they represent some of the most amazing and unique creatures that He has designed. Learn their importance and connections to biblical events and develop a cultural understanding of their place in the Bible with this delightful presentation.

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