365 Great Bible Stories

365 Great Bible Stories

The Good news of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation

by Carine Mackenzie
Hardcover, 384 pages
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Author Carine MacKenzie understands that the central theme, the controlling plot element, and the most important aspect of God's Word is Jesus Christ. In an effort to impress this on children (ages 4-7), she's written 365 Great Bible Stories, a colorfully illustrated Bible storybook that identifies Christ in all the major stories of both the Old and New Testaments.

Each story (193 from the Old Testament, 172 from the New Testament) fits on one page, along with its Scripture reference,a full-color illustration, and a deeper thought to reflect on that deals directly with the story. MacKenzie infuses a Reformed and covenantal approach throughout, but is never overbearing.

Because these are stories in the author's own words, there is some interpretation, but we believe it to be very accurate to the original intent of the Bible's authors. This is a Gospel-centered approach to familiarizing young kids with the major themes and stories of God's Word, and we thoroughly recommend it.

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