35 Must-Have Assessment & Record-Keeping Forms for Reading

35 Must-Have Assessment & Record-Keeping Forms for Reading

by Laura Robb
Perfectbound, 96 pages
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In this book, Laura Robb gives you the tools for observing and assessing students' reading.  The checklists, not-taking sheets, self-evaluation forms, and other assessments Laura has developed and refined over the years will help you identify the needs of your individual students and create appropriate teaching plans for them –and save you from reinventing the wheel each time you want to evaluate students' reading.  Laura shares the following materials:

  • Definitions and teaching ideas for the nine key reading strategies proficient readers  use.
  • Forms to observe students before, during, and after reading
  • Reading and interest surveys
  • Reading strategy interview form
  • Reading strategy checklists
  • Teacher's evaluation of partner and group discussions
  • Retelling record
  • Self-evaluation and peer-evaluation forms
  • And much more!

Ultimately these forms will provide the foundation for a simple yet practical and comprehensive means of organizing and managing your reading program.

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