2013 Reading Program Sign-Up

2013 Reading Program Sign-Up

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"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx

Every year, half a bajillion local libraries offer incentive-based programs designed to get kids reading during the summer. While the aim is a good one, we've been consistently frustrated with the quality of literature and the general lack of direction. Instead of complaining about those, however, we're proud to announce we've created our own recommended reading list for grades 1-12, complete with great books and a program offering prizes to kids who participate.

The Outside of a Dog Book List offers approximately 50 titles for each grade. Our list doesn't promote a liberal agenda, cater to the lowest common denominator, or present books designed to make anyone look smart. A lot of the books are classics, but just as many are Exodus Books staff favorites, designed to open the wide doors of reading to kids turned off by more standard fare. We think many of these books are a great place to kindle a love of reading, but we certainly don't want anyone thinking these are the only books to read. The only books to read are ones you buy at Exodus Books (just kidding).

Contest Dates: June 1–August 31, 2013.

Who Can Do It? Any student grades 1-12. Younger studentsmay alsoenroll, but the booklist starts at first grade and the kids must read the books themselves.YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE LOCAL.You can downloadthe booklist via pdf, and you can email (or mail) us your completed book logs.Customersalso have the option to get a bound copy of Outside of a Dog ($3 each—sales of thiswill fund the prizes, so the more we sell, the better the prizes will be!).

Cost:$5 per participant.Download a copy of Outside of a Dog (PDF) and a book log for each student (feel free to print more).Registered participants will get 20% off the retail price of new books from the booklist from June 1 - August 31, but you are under no obligation to buy a single book from us. If you choose to sign up online, please include each child's name and grade in the order comments (if you don't, we'll be giving you a call!). If you have more questions, please give us a call at 503-655-1951.

Basic Rules:

- Read at least three books from Outside of a Dog (grade level or above).Each participant who does that will receive one $5 gift certificate to Exodus and one entry into the grand prize drawing (prize TBD).

- Kids need to READ the books themselves. Audio books and read-alouds, while wonderful things,are not the same experience. We realize this doesn't allowa lot ofyounger kids to participate—they can when they can read! If you need an exception for special circumstances, please call.

- We strongly suggest that you choose UNABRIDGED editions, unless we specifically say abridged is acceptable.

- High school students need to choose onefiction book and one non-fiction, the third book is their choice.

- Parents need to verify that the books were indeed read. (There is a spot on the book log for parents to initial)

- We will provide a book log to record titles read, authors, book rating, and place for parents to initial. Keep track and turn this in to Exodus before August 31.

- Ebookreaders don't have normal page numbers.Aslong as you are reading anunabridgededition, feel free to find a printed copy and register those page counts

- Keep reading, and you'll have more chances to win. Each book read beyond the first three nets you an additionalentry to the grand prize drawing.These books must be selected from Outside of a Dog or anywhere onour website, provided they are recommended for the student's grade level or above.


We're still figuring out actual prizes, but we have determined how they will be awarded. If you would like to contribute prizes or help sponsor gift certificates, please give us a call.

- Everyone who reads 3 books from their grade level booklist (or above) will receive a $5 gift certificate to Exodus.

- All kids in grades 1-6 who read 25 books will get a second prize.

- For grades 1-6, there will beone grand prize for most books read.

- Kids in grades 7-12 who read 5000 pages will get a second prize.

- For grades 7-12, there will beone grand prize for most pages read.

- Finally, there will beone grand prize random drawing taken from all participants who have read three books or more fromOutside a Dogor our website. The prize drawing will be on thesecond Friday of September.

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