159 Celtic Designs

159 Celtic Designs

by Amy Lusebrink
Publisher: Dover Publications
Coloring Book, 48 pages
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The eye-catching intricacies of Celtic design bring elegance and drama wherever they are used. Their organic shapes, often incorporating sinuous interlacements of animal and abstract motifs, blend with both traditional and contemporary settings. This treasury of Celtic design presents over 150 Celtic borders, alphabets, and decorative designs—ideal for use in graphics layouts, needlework designs, and other arts and crafts projects.

Each design has been clearly and boldly drawn to provide the clearest possible image for reproduction. The letters, borders, and motifs are presented in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes that will enable artists to find the design best suited to their needs.

Reprint of Celtic Copy Book: Celtic Designs to Photocopy, published by Scotpress, Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, 1988.

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