1 & 2 Kings

1 & 2 Kings

Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible
by Peter J. Leithart
Publisher: Brazos Press
Hardcover, 304 pages
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1 & 2 Kings, the second volume in the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible, is the first Old testament commentary in the series. This commentary, like each in the series, is designed to serve the church—through aid in preaching, teaching, study groups, and so forth—and demonstrate the continuing intellectual and practical viability of theological interpretation of the Bible.

The general editor for the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible is R. R. Reno (Creighton University). Series editors include Robert W. Jenson (Center of Theological Inquiry); Robert Louis Wilken (University of Virginia); Ephraim Radner (Ascension Episcopal Church in Pueblo, Colorado); Michael Root (Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary); and George Sumner (Wycliffe College in Toronto).

"The Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible makes a most welcome contribution to the church, the academic world, and the general public at large. By enlisting a wide range of Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox theologians who differ on much, but who agree on the truth of the Nicene Creed, the series also represents ecumenical activity of the very best kind. It is always a daunting challenge to expound the church's sacred book both simply and deeply, but this impressive line-up of authors is very well situated for the attempt."
—Mark A. Noll, University of Notre Dame

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  Excellent Commentary and Bible Study
Miss Pickwickian of Oregon, 1/11/2011
Peter Leithart gives a stout reformed perspective on 1 & 2 Kings, its Gospel message, and its applicability in present day issues (such as church and state, present day persecution, the church in America...etc).

The chapters are short and labeled with what portions of Kings they cover. Excellent as a group or individual Bible study or as a quicker read. Clear and well written, subtly infused with Leithart's quiet humor.

Very good. Exciting and pertinent.

The Brazos Theological Commentary series is written by theologians and digs deep into the issues of the text, but not every individual detail. They are written directly to the Church as it is today. They belong in a good home library!