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Your Guide to the Grand Canyon

Your Guide to the Grand Canyon

A Different Perspective

by Tom Vail, Michael Oard
Publisher: Master Books
Hardcover Spiralbound, 192 pages
Current Retail Price: $15.99

The author of the bestselling (and controversial!) Grand Canyon: A Different View, Tom Vail teams with co-authors Mike Oard, John Hergenrather, and Dennis Bokovoy to present a one-of-a-kind exploration of the Grand Canyon. It is a massive, beautiful natural landmark carved out by water - but was the Grand Canyon formed slowly over millions of years or quickly after the Flood? This is the essential argument between the evolutionary and the creationist points of view. The Canyon's eight million yearly visitors are presented only the evolutionary view - that is, until now. This unique handbook is a detailed guide to the beautiful sights and landmarks of the Canyon and is an essential tool for families and individuals interested in the park. The guide includes significant geological sites, suggestions for visitors (whether you have a lot of time or a little), biological and historical tidbits, and much more. Has over 25 full color fold out pages

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