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Wuthering Heights - Student's Companion

Wuthering Heights - Student's Companion

by Robert W. Watson
Publisher: Smarr Publishers
©2006, Item: 21918
Consumable Workbook, 48 pages
Current Retail Price: $11.95

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Wuthering Heights is the only novel that Emily Brontë ever wrote. Under the male pseudonym of "Ellis Bell," Brontë writes a very powerful story about love, hate, sorrow, and death, the stuff of which life is composed. The tale covers thirty years and is narrated by Mr. Lockwood and later, Ellen Dean, a faithful housekeeper, who is an important character in the story. Brontë is clearly in the Romantic school as her love of nature is very apparent in her work. The reader will also see other tenets of Romanticism in Wuthering Heights, including a gothic setting, supernatural appearances, and a study of the common man. First and foremost, Wuthering Heights is a love story, perhaps one of the strangest love stories of all times. Yet, underlying this story are striking contrasts between social classes and acceptable behavior. As for characters, Heathcliff is difficult to classify. He is not entirely a hero, yet he is not entirely a villain, because he does possess some admirable qualities. At times, Heathcliff is to be pitied, and at other times to be hated. Perhaps, if there is a hero in Wuthering Heights, it has to be Ellen Dean. However, Nelly has her flaws, and in some cases, she helps aggravate the troubles, rather than alleviating them.

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