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World Religions in America

World Religions in America

by Jacob Neusner (Editor)
3rd Edition, ©2003, ISBN: 9780664224752
Trade Paperback, 360 pages
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In this the third edition of Jacob Neusner's basic, accessible, and proven guide to the world's religions as they are practiced in America, new chapters explore the Church of Scientology, Nature Religions, and the Bahai faith. In addition, the chapter on Islam in America has been expanded. Each chapter includes study questions, essay topics, and suggestions for further reading. Contributers include Sam Gill, Martin Marty, Peter Paris, Andrew Greeley, Justo Gonzalez, Jaroslav Pelikan, Gerald Larson, Malcolm Eckel, Robert Ellwood, John Esposito, Dell deChant, Danny Jorgensen, Mike McMullen, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, and William Scott Green.

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