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by Bill Peet
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Trade Paperback, 60 pages
List Price: $9.99 Sale Price: $7.49

Scamp, discontent with his life as a dog (he wants to be the famous horse from across the road), runs away from his master Orvie, and finds himself face-to-face with Zildy, the kooky witch from the nearby woods. Understanding his desire for attention, she turns him into a whingdingdilly—a fantastic beast with body parts from all sorts of exotic animals. Scamp soon gets the attention he craves, but finds it was not all he thought it would be. And life as a dog doesn't seem so bad.

Yes, we understand this story includes magic and a witch is a character. If that disturbs you, don't read this one. For us, the moral of the story (being content) outweighs that issue.

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Sunita of Newberg, OR, 7/14/2016
It's a book about a dog that really wants to be a horse because the horse gets more attention. But the dog should stick to what it is because his family liked him just the way he was. People who don't want to be what they are should read this book. Like all Bill Peet's books this one has great drawings.