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Where the Brook and River Meet

Where the Brook and River Meet

A Literature-Based Unit Study

by Margie Gray
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 536 pages
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This high shool-based study of Anne of Green Gables and her world and times is directed primarily at girls. While boys may enjoy aspects of it, the activities (making homemade ice cream and having a social, flower pounding, etc.) probably won't be as appealing to them. At the same time, building on Anne's famous love of learning, this is a very informative volume, with facts and suggested readings conerning everything from anatomy to cooking to Oliver Wendell Holmes. It also covers British history, Canadian history (it actually exists), the poetry Anne loved to read, background information on Lucy Maud Montgomery, etc. While there is an entire Anne of Green Gables series of books, this unit study covers only the first (and most famous) one. The revised edition contains more activities, daily lesson plans, and two extensive appendices to aid further study.

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  Where the Brook and the River Meet
Bonnie Schneidau of Portland, 10/17/2008
This was a very good unit study based on "Anne of Green Gables" which includes everything except your Math. It works well with an independent child. It includes all kinds of fun and educational activities that help to broaden your knowledge of the Victorian Age. The different areas of study covered are Bible/FineArts/Health/History/English/Literature/Writing/ Homemakeing Skills etc. We visited a diary and discussed that time period from ours. For our history they recommend the use of "What in the World is going on" which is a tape series about history and very interesting. This unit study put a love in my daughter for all the Ann stories to this day,