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When Good Kids Make Bad Choices

When Good Kids Make Bad Choices

by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick, Jim Newheiser
Publisher: Harvest House
Mass market paperback, 255 pages
Current Retail Price: $11.99

There is perhaps no greater fear in a parent's heart than the thought that a much–loved and well–cared–for child will make bad choices or even become a prodigal. What are parents to do in such circumstances? Authors Jim Newheiser and Elyse Fitzpatrick speak from years of personal experience as both parents and biblical counselors about how hurting parents can deal with the emotional trauma of when a child goes astray. They offer concrete hope and encouragement along with positive steps parents can take even in the most negative situations. Includes excellent advice from Dr. Laura Hendrickson regarding medicines commonly prescribed to problem children, and offers questions parents can ask pediatricians before using behavioral medications. A heartfelt and practical guide for parents.

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