Used Books

We have nearly 16,000 used books in the store, and, like our new books, they are completely searchable. Simply find the book you're looking for—if it has a "buy used" button, you can order it. If it doesn't, we don't have one in-stock...but you can request a used copy! We'll be happy to email you when (or if) we find one.

Use our catalog's filters to narrow down your results. For instance, if you are looking for Bob Jones, simply type "BJU" into our search engine; you can then narrow the materials down by category, publisher, author, grade, media, or even used materials only! You can also sort the results by title, author, publisher or price. Feel free to call or e-mail if you have any questions or are looking for something in particular.

For us to sell used books, we must buy them first.

By selling your books to us, you can:

  • Clear your home of curriculum and books you no longer want
  • Recover a portion of your original cost
  • Add to our pool of used curriculum for others in need
  • Take advantage of buying other used curriculum yourself

Some general guidelines:

We pay up to [no more than] 30% of the new price for used books. For instance, if the new price for the book is $10.00, we may offer up to $3.00 for it. This is for books we believe we can resell and are in excellent condition. We offer considerably less (or nothing) for defaced books, old editions, damaged books, or books we are overstocked on. Also, if we are not familiar with the book, or we know of no demand for the book, we will offer less: it may be worth more and you are certainly free to try to sell it elsewhere. We offer you what we think we can for your books; you may freely accept or reject our offer. We thankfully accept donations.

The most popular used books we carry are current editions of A Beka, Bob Jones, Apologia Science, Saxon, Singapore, Math-U-See, and Teaching Textbook math curriculums and resources used by My Father's World, Beautiful Feet, Sonlight, Veritas, and Tapestry of Grace programs. Other used books wanted are books we normally carry—classic books for children and young adults, and Christian books from a Reformed perspective. There are many things we don't take (i.e., horror, vampire, modern romances, travel books, etc., etc.), but we surprise a lot of folks by taking very little mainstream Christian fiction or pop theology.

When to come / what to expect:

We need time to price the huge quantity of books that come in, and also to place orders, pay our vendors, and work on various projects around the store. Although the book buyer may appear to be grumpy, we are glad to buy books Tuesday through Friday 11am to 4pm (no appointment needed!). We do not buy books on Saturdays. If you come during buying hours, we will make every effort to work with you as soon as we can. However, the book buyer is sometimes busy and it takes time to figure and look up prices for books, so we ask you to be patient with us! After we have figured a price we will give you our offer and either offer store credit or write you a check if you agree (a check is usually 20% less).

Regarding long-distance book buying:

A common question lately is whether or not we buy books from out-of-state clients. Our answer is a cautious yes. Long-distance book buying is more time-consuming, complicated, expensive and risky than buying books we can actually see and handle, so we have had to set some restrictions. There are five things you should note (you can tell we leave most of the risk with you):

  • We will not offer a quote on books until after we receive them. The above guidelines are all we can offer before seeing the books.
  • We will not pay the shipping cost to get them here. (We recommend using a cheap shipping method like USPS Media.)
  • We will not buy books that get lost in the mail. (You are free to pay for delivery confirmation at the post office.)
  • We cannot guarantee to buy every book you send: condition, edition, and current supply all factor into our final decision.
  • We will not return unwanted books unless you wish to pay the shipping cost to have them sent back.

If you are fine with these rules, please e-mail with a list of books you have to sell (include ISBNs or item #s, if possible). We will do our best to get back to you with a yes or a no before you send the books.

For the time being, we are simply too busy to respond to these email lists. We hope to have a system with which you can check titles yourself by the 2016 buying season. Thanks for understanding!