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This Side of Paradise - Student's Companion

This Side of Paradise - Student's Companion

by Dori Anne Abbott
Publisher: Smarr Publishers
©2006, Item: 21841
Consumable Workbook, 26 pages
Current Retail Price: $9.95

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Named after Francis Scott Key, Fitzgerald is one of the notable writers in the early twentieth century. This Side of Paradise is Fitzgerald's first novel. After being rejected twice, Fitzgerald changed the name of the novel (from The Romantic Egoist) and on the third try succeeded by having the book published. This novel is typical of the works produced by the "lost generation." These writers knew industrialized societies had their problems, but the authors were at a lost to suggest any solutions, other than proposing the creation of a benign, all-powerful state, which could take better care of people's interests than the individuals themselves. Fitzgerald argues the need for socialism, but his reasons are weak and not very convincing.

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