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Thinking Like a Christian—Student Journal

Thinking Like a Christian—Student Journal

Understanding & Living a Biblical Worldview

Worldview in Focus
by David A. Noebel, Chuck Edwards
Publisher: Broadman & Holman
Softcover Textbook, 208 pages
Current Retail Price: $15.99

This student companion to Thinking Like a Christian - Teaching Textbook is a consumable worktext containing lesson-specific text and exercises for twelve weeks of worldview study. Each lesson is 3-4 pages and corresponds to the material in the teaching textbook. While the workbook is meant to be written in, students could also copy answers onto a separate sheet of paper to make a single book go farther. There is supplemental information here not included in the textbook, but while you could conceivably use the textbook by itself, you cannot use the workbook without the textbook. And while there is no answer key, Noebel intends for parents to work through the material with their students, so you shouldn't need one. Exercises are included on the teacher CD-Rom, but they are neither as thorough nor as many as those included in the workbook.

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