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Storms and Hurricanes

Storms and Hurricanes

Publisher: Usborne
Mass market paperback, 32 pages
Current Retail Price: $7.95

This book takes an look at storms and hurricanes and the exciting, but often catastrophic impact they can have on the people and areas which experience them. With the aid of illustrations, detailed diagrams, photographs and satellite images, it explores the complex processes which lead to the formation of such powerful phenomena, and using factual examples, vividly describes their devastating effects. The book also provides a basic introduction to methods of monitoring and forecasting the weather and of predicting and tracking storms and hurricanes, as well as outlining various techniques which have been devised to try to reduce their effects. Aimed at 11-14 year olds, the book provides a companion to school coursework in this intriguing branch of geography, as well as being a fascinating read for anyone who wants to find out more about these frequently occurring natural phenomena.

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