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Stories of the Pilgrims

Stories of the Pilgrims

by Margaret Pumphrey
2nd Edition, ©2007, Publisher Catalog #CLP29745
Trade Paperback, 230 pages
Price: $11.75
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Stories of the Pilgrims by Margaret Pumphrey has thrilled children for generations with its delightful and interesting accounts of the adventures of the Pilgrims. This classic book, with large print and now well-illustrated in four-color, is a wonderful collection of stories about the Pilgrims and the founding of the Plymouth colony.

Whether used as a read-aloud book or as a reader, Stories of the Pilgrims brings history alive so children can experience the day-to-day lifestyle of our Pilgrim forefathers. Young people will learn about the Pilgrims' search for religious liberty, their grueling voyage across the Atlantic in the Mayflower, and the eventual establishment of a successful settlement in the new world. Comprehension questions are included.

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