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Spell of Words

Spell of Words

by Elsie Rak
Trade Paperback, 124 pages
Current Retail Price: $16.60

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For high school and adult students needing remedial spelling instruction, The Spell of Words and Spellbound, both by Elsie Rak, offer a crash course in phonogram idenitification and phonics rules. Spellbound covers phonics rules exclusively, beginning with easy and moving to difficult ones. The Spell of Words focuses on phonograms, word groups, morphemes, etc. Each book is a consumable worktext and is accompanied by a teacher's manual with answers to all exercises. Because this is remedial, and therefore most students will have already encountered the material, Rak emphasizes the need to move swiftly and yet not to let students fall behind in work or comprehension. Both books should be used in conjunction with a reading program, since the author's intent is to increase reading skills and ability.

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