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Son for Glory

Son for Glory

Job Through New Eyes

Through New Eyes Commentary Series
by Toby J. Sumpter
Publisher: Athanasius Press
Current Retail Price: $14.95

Toby Sumpter's commentary on Job is the latest entry in The Through New Eyes Bible Commentary Series. Bible-reading is more of an art than a science. The Bible is a story, not a lexicon of systematic theological definitions. With this in mind, The Through New Eyes Bible Commentary Series builds on the foundational Biblical-theology work of James B. Jordan and other like-minded scholars in bringing you a set of commentaries that will help you read, teach and preach through the Bible while picking up on the rich symphonic themes and the literary symbolism of the Scriptures. Because they are written for thoughtful Christians without being overly academic, these commentaries will serve as valuable resources for family worship, Sunday school or Bible studies.

"With clarity, precision, and a winsome style, Sumpter unpacks the book of Job for "the rest of us," spreading a feast for the mind of the reader. Through the lens of Job's horrific suffering, this book points us, in all our suffering, to that gritty hope that all "sons of the Father" have in Christ—the hope of the resurrection. I highly recommend this book."—Scott Anderson, executive director, Desiring God
A Son for Glory exhibits the same qualities I have admired in Toby Sumpter during the years we have been pastors together—biblical insight, theological creativity, pastoral zeal, vivid and vigorous writing. Toby presents a fresh angle on a book that everyone thinks they already know...This electrifying storm of a book is the first, but certainly not the last, from this gifted pastor-theologian."—Dr. Peter Leithart
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