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Samurai's Tale

Samurai's Tale

by Erik Christian Haugaard
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Trade Paperback, 234 pages
Current Retail Price: $6.95

"I shall begin my tale on that day when I lost not only my father, but my mother and my two older brothers as well . . . In the morning of that day my name had been Murakami; I was a bushi, a knight's son whom every woman in the village would fondle and spoil. Before the sun set I had been given the name 'Taro,' a servant's name, and I was of no more importance than that name implied."

To read this book is to immerse oneself completely in 16th century Japan, when powerful warlords struggled for supremacy. It is the riveting tale of a boy, born a noble but made a slave, who must work his way through the servant ranks to achieve his goal: to become a samurai.

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