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Samuel Zwemer

Samuel Zwemer

by Geoff Benge
Publisher: YWAM Publishing
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Sam felt his heart thumping as the two Bedouin men walked toward him. The men's menacing spears were pulled back over their shoulders, ready to thrust at Sam at any moment. From the grim look on their faces, the men seemed intent on killing someone.

The spiritual needs of the Muslim world, long neglected by Christian missionaries, came to the world's attention again when Samuel Zwemer dedicated himself to the advancement of the gospel in Arabia. It was a tremendous task, but a pledge the young American kept despite opposition, difficulty, and death.

Zwemer founded the Arabian Mission in Bahrain to serve Muslims through medical care, Christian literature, and the preaching of the gospel. With a heart on fire for Muslim people, he was relentless in sharing a vision worldwide, calling many to action. Zwemer's legacy of opening a long-closed door is a challenge for Christians today, inspiring us to love and respect Muslims and to proclaim Jesus' name in the homeland of Islam. (1867-1952)

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