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Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road

by Joan Bauer
Publisher: Speak
Trade Paperback, 201 pages
Current Retail Price: $7.99

Jenna Boller is a gangly, gutsy 16-year-old, and she can sell anybody anything. She's the best employee at her branch of Gladstone's Shoes, but her family problems are harder to handle, and there are times when Jenna wishes she could just take a break. So when Madeline Gladstone, the elderly, crusty president of Gladstone Shoe Stores, hires Jenna as her chauffeur for the summer, Jenna leaps right into the driver's seat. Thus begins a cross-country adventure, where Jenna and Mrs. Gladstone learn a lot about the rules of the road. . .and the rules of life.

Meanwhile, Gladstone's son plans to oust his mother and turn the company into a discounter of low-quality shoes. It won't happen if Jenna can help it! Delightfully touching.

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