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Pa's Fiddle (Pa's Fiddle Recordings)

Pa's Fiddle (Pa's Fiddle Recordings)

Audio CD
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Song List

  1. Buffalo Gals (Pa’s Fiddle Band)
  2. Jesus Holds My Hand (Pa’s Fiddle Band)
  3. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Pa’s Fiddle Band)
  4. Polly Put the Kettle On (Pa’s Fiddle Band)
  5. My Sabbath Home (Pa’s Fiddle Band w/ Joe Weed, fiddle)
  6. Life Let Us Cherish/All the Blue Bonnets medley (Pa’s Fiddle Band)
  7. Golden Years Are Passing By (Bryan Sutton)
  8. Boatmen’s Dance (David Grier, guitar; Matt Combs, fiddle; Matt Flinner, mandolin; Derek Jones, bass; Joe Weed, fiddle)
  9. Mary of the Wild Moor (Pa’s Fiddle Band)
  10. The Campbells Are Coming/Haste to the Wedding medley (Pa’s Fiddle Band)
  11. Golden Years Are Passing By (reprise) (Pa’s Fiddle Band)
  12. My Sabbath Home (reprise) (Joe Weed)
  13. Yellow Heifer (Pa’s Fiddle Band)
  14. Life Let Us Cherish (reprise) (Jeff Taylor)
  15. The New Year’s Come (Matt Combs, Jeff Taylor)
  16. Jesus Holds My Hand (reprise 1) (Pa’s Fiddle Band)
  17. Jesus Holds My Hand (reprise 2) (Pa’s Fiddle Band)
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