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Pair of Red Clogs

Pair of Red Clogs

by Masako Matsuno, Kazue Mizumura (Illustrator)
Publisher: Purple House Press
32 pages
Current Retail Price: $18.95

A child's delight in a new pair of shoes is the same all over the world, whether the shoes are patent-leather sandals, straw alpargatas, deerskin moccasins, or wooden clogs.

For Mako, a little Japanese girl, the new shoes were a beautiful pair of new clogs painted with red lacquer that shone beautifully. This is the story of what happened after she accidentally cracked the new clogs playing the weather-telling game. She so longs for a new pair, but knows that her mother would never buy a new pair so soon. Will she deceive her mother so that she can have a new pair of clogs, or will she learn her lesson in responsibility?

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