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On the Other Side of the Garden

On the Other Side of the Garden

Biblical Womanhood for Today's World

by Virginia Fugate
2nd Edition, ©1992, ISBN: 9781889700403
Trade Paperback, 297 pages
Current Retail Price: $11.95

Published after fifteen years of Bible study and prayer, this book was first published in 1992 and quickly became a women's Bible study favorite, encouraging thousands of women to look to God for their purpose in life. Presented from a biblical viewpoint, this book gives a challenge to godliness, and provides hope and assurance that any woman can attain a biblical marriage.

This book reveals how to:

  • Understand God's purpose for womanhood
  • Distinguish submission from blind obedience
  • Communicate biblically with your husband
  • Deal with a passive, overbearing, or unspiritual man
  • Handle disappointments and irritations in marriage
  • Turn frustrations of a real life marriage into joy

Comments by readers:

This book has changed my life. It is the most powerful, God inspired, life changing Bible study I have ever been a part of. We saw God working in all our homes and families, as each of us became "Biblical wives."
I recently finished reading On the Other Side of the Garden which I think contains the best, most logical explanation of Biblical submission I have ever read.
Virginia is so insightful that I felt she was looking in my window while she wrote. She wrote clearly and directly, but I did not feel preached at—I felt that a wise, older woman was mentoring me.
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