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Odyssey - Student's Companion

Odyssey - Student's Companion

by Dori Anne Abbott
Publisher: Smarr Publishers
©2006, Item: 21843
Consumable Workbook, 43 pages
Current Retail Price: $11.95

PLEASE NOTE: this is your last chance to buy this book. We will NOT be buying it again. Also, this book is NOT RETURNABLE, and SOLD AS-IS. It may have defects, such as highlighting, torn pages or loose cover.

This is Homer's classic epic about the Greek hero of the Trojan War. After the Greeks conquered Troy, many of the men had a difficult time getting back home. This tale follows Odysseus as he tries to return to his wife, Penelope, who is a model of faithfulness. Odysseus encounters one obstacle after another for a period of ten years. Since many believed Odysseus is dead, his estate is being wasted by the many suitors of Penelope. Penelope is under pressure to choose another husband, since Odysseus has be gone now for nearly twenty years. But Penelope delays her decision to remarry. However, with the help of Minerva, Odysseus is able to return home finally. But the unsuccessful suitors are in for a bad time.

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