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Not What My Hands Have Done

Not What My Hands Have Done

by Charles B. Hodge, Horatius Bonar
Publisher: Trinity Foundation
Trade Paperback, 138 pages
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Justification by faith alone is the central doctrine of Christianity. The critical question for man is not, What is the best government? or Whom should I marry? but, How can I, a sinner, be accepted by a Holy God? The Biblical answer is that sinners can stand before the face of God only in the righteousness that belongs to another, a righteousness that is not the result of the sinner's effort, but wholly a gift, received freely by faith alone. But the doctrine of justification by faith alone is either not taught or is actively opposed by most American churches, and now it is under siege in Reformed churches as well, both Baptist and Presbyterian. The emerging consensus in America is that salvation comes by religious experience, and the churches differ merely over which experience is saving: baptism, Mass, religious emotion, ecstatic speech, etc. Horatius Bonar and Charles Hodge, both 19th-century theologians, left us with one of the best popular explanations of the Biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone, and one of the best scholarly discussions of the doctrine and its adversaries. These two books, The Everlasting Righteousness by Bonar and Justification by Faith Alone by Hodge, are here combined into one volume. Not What My Hands Have Done offers not only a primer on justification but an advanced course as well. It is must reading for anyone who wants to understand Christianity.
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