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Navigating History: Egypt - DVD

Navigating History: Egypt - DVD

3rd Edition, ©2012, Publisher Catalog #89303
Current Retail Price: $30.00

Follow David Noor, Steven Bowman, Chris Harper, and Isaac Botkin as they explore Egypt's history, from Pharaonic mythology to the Byzantine Empire to modern-day Islam. From on horseback to inside rusty taxicabs, travel with them across Egypt's ancient deserts and through Cairo's winding alleys. Dig into history, geography, and current affairs, discovering the Biblical worldview keys to the oldest contiguous culture in the world. Crawl the inner passageways of a pyramid, and test a new theory of pyramid construction. Learn how Islam swept the Middle East, and see what it looks like when it dominates a culture. Walk where Mark and Peter preached, and meet members of today’s persecuted Church. Visit ancient temples, and find out why God commanded the Israelites never to return to Egypt.

Experience the perspective of global travel, and uncover clues to the Bible's chronology along the way. All six episodes demonstrate how Christians can hone their worldviews, gaining a true understanding of history by focusing on the real influences that shape nations. The story of Egypt vividly illustrates the reality that ideas have consequences and that culture is never neutral. This three-DVD set includes six half-hour episodes with behind-the-scenes commentary, 25 video blogs, the original soundtrack by Benjamin Botkin, and much more. The Navigating History: Egypt DVD set is part of the Navigating History: Egypt Curriculum Bundle.

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