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My Pals Are Here Science 3B - Textbook

My Pals Are Here Science 3B - Textbook

International Edition, ©2012, Publisher Catalog #MPHSIT3B
Softcover Textbook, 134 pages
Current Retail Price: $20.50

This textbook can be used in a school or home setting.It provides information about science, with fascinating tidbits and colorful pictures and photographs in a magazine-like format. Included are many ideas for further exploration.It can thus be used as a jumping off point for further exploration using the internet or library books. Simple activities are included which lead up to the activities in the separate activity book. Some questions are posed in the text and margin. Each chapter is followed by a self-check test. Answers to these are in the Teacher's Guide. British English is used.

Unit 10 Objects around us
Unit 11 Changes in materials
Unit 12 Three states of matter
Unit 13 Air
Unit 14 Water
Unit 15 Forces
Unit 16 Light
Unit 17 Heat
Unit 18 Sources and uses of electricity
Unit 19 Sound
Unit 20 Rocks
Unit 21 The Sun, the Earth and the Moon
Science Themes (Systems, Diversity, Energy, Interactions, Cycles)

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