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My First Bible in Pictures

My First Bible in Pictures

Publisher: Tyndale House
Hardcover, 250 pages
Current Retail Price: $12.99

Whether you read it out loud to your children or whether they read it on their own, this is an excellent way for your kids to get to know the stories, people, and themes of the bible. The text is simple, with a one-paragraph story on each page, and a detailed illustration on the opposite page. It also has a question after each story that helps involve your child. Unlike many children’s bibles, this one doesn’t ignore the more ugly stories told in the bible, such as the murder of Abel, the destruction of Jerusalem, and the stoning of Stephen. It also doesn’t gloss over sin and its consequences, and tells the story of the Golden Calf, Bathsheba, and the wickedness of Ahab. Though very suitable for young children, this version doesn’t water the stories of the bible down too much, and is much more than just a collection of well-known stories like the flood and Daniel and the lion’s den. Though your kids should of course have the real bible read to them, this is an excellent start for young children, and is helpful to get beginning readers to read the bible on their own.

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