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Multiplication Facts in Five Minutes a Day!

Multiplication Facts in Five Minutes a Day!

by Susan C. Anthony
Consumable Workbook, 122 pages
Current Retail Price: $13.95

Designed for use with3-5 grade students,Multiplication Facts in Five Minutes a Day! is a timed-drill math test book. The goal is for students to be proficient enough in basicmultiplication by the end of the school year that they can complete 100 problems in three minutes or less. While this will be harder for some students than others, author Susan C. Anthony provides insights andaids for helping all kids to achieve their goal. Each one-page drill is reproducible and contains all 100 problems on the front sheet; solution keys are on the back. Instead of displaying problems up and down as most drill books do, this one displays left to right; if your student is left-handed, simply have him record his answer to the left of the problem. Charts for keeping records and flashcard blackline masters can be found in the back of the book.

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