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Medicinal Plants - Coloring Book

Medicinal Plants - Coloring Book

by Ilil Arbel
Publisher: Dover Publications
Coloring Book, 48 pages
Current Retail Price: $4.99

For centuries plants have been used to assuage or cure a wide variety of human ills. Even such familiar "weeds" as the dandelian have their palliative uses. This informative coloring book, featuring 44 accurate drawings by botanical illustrator Ilil Arbel, focuses on such medicinal plants from around the world as the foxglove, belladonna, mayapple, valerian, dandelion, chamomile, quinine, arnica, burdock, tamarind, lobelia and more. Each illustration is accompanied by an informative caption outlining the plant's coloration and physicial characteristics, geographic distribution and medicinal uses. Invaluable as an identification guide and pictorial reference, this volume will appeal to colorists of all ages, as well as to artists and craftspeople in need of an inexpensive source of plant illustrations.

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