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Man in the Iron Mask - Student's Companion

Man in the Iron Mask - Student's Companion

by Dori Anne Abbott
Publisher: Smarr Publishers
©2006, Item: 21842
Consumable Workbook, 58 pages
Current Retail Price: $11.95

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The setting is in France during the reign of Louis XIV, the "Sun King." This work is the third book in the trilogy about the three musketeers and has it all—intrigue, betrayal, loyalty, friendship, and love. This tale centers on the legend about a man in an iron mask during the time of Louis XIV. Dumas gives us one possibility as to whose face was behind the mask. Dumas seems to regret the decay of the French social structure in this novel. The pillars of French society—God, family, pleasure, and king, were the bonds that strengthened the French in their day-to-day living. But now, with the rise of the "Sun King", French society is embodied into the king alone and the other elements become less important. This is a lengthy work, but well worth the time to read.

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