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Light at Tern Rock

Light at Tern Rock

by Julie N. Sauer
Publisher: Penguin Putnam
Current Retail Price: $4.99

Ronnie and his aunt are tending the Tern Rock lighthouse while the keeper takes a vacation. Ronnie loves living in the lighthouse, and looks forward to telling his family about it at Christmas. But the days go by, and the lighthouse keeper doesn't return to take them home . . . A Newbery Honor Book.

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  The Light at Tern Rock
Rachel of Hillsboro, OR, 8/21/2016
Ronnie and his aunt agree to look after the lighthouse before Christmas so that the keeper can visit his family. He promises to return to the lighthouse to pick them up before Christmas. The keeper didn't keep his promise. He waited until after Christmas to pick them up, which made Ronnie mad. Ronnie was angry because the keeper didn't come before Christmas. He thought it would ruin Christmas. But his aunt made it special for him.