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Life in the Great Ice Age

Life in the Great Ice Age

by Michael Oard, Beverly Oard, 2 othersEarl Snellenberger (Illustrator), Bonita Snellenberger (Illustrator)
Publisher: Master Books
Hardcover, 71 pages
Current Retail Price: $14.99

After Noah's Flood the earth and its climate were undergoing drastic changes. The stage has been set for the Great Ice Age. Noah's descendants had to learn how to survive in a strange, often hostile land. In part one of Life in the Great Ice Age, you'll spend a summer with Jabeth and his family as they survive a saber-toothed tiger attack, battle a cave bear, and go on a woolly mammoth hunt.

Part two explains the scientific reasons for the Ice Age: what caused it, and how long it lasted. It answers the question, "Will there be another Ice Age?" Archaeological and fossil finds are also discussed in detail in this exciting book that explains the Great Ice Age from a Biblical perspective. A great book for the whole family to enjoy!

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