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Letting Swift River Go

Letting Swift River Go

by Jane Yolen, Barbara Cooney (Illustrator)
Trade Paperback, 32 pages
Current Retail Price: $6.99

Living in the beautiful and secluded Swift River Valley, Sally Jane has a happy and innocent childhood. But men from Boston come wanting to dam up the river so that the city people can have water to drink. When the people of Swift River Valley agree to do this, Sally Jane watches as the trees get chopped down and the valley gets hollowed out. She and her family and her friends all begin to move away to make room for the dam. Soon there is no Swift River Valley anymore. Like anything that is taken from you, you can hold on to it and let its loss fester. Sally Jane grieved the loss of her happy, undisturbed childhood. But she came back, years later, to the dam that took over Swift River Valley. She rowed on it, saw the stars reflected in its waters. And she decided to let Swift River go.


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