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Kingfisher Young World Encyclopedia

Kingfisher Young World Encyclopedia

by Larousse
Publisher: Larousse
Hardcover, 496 pages
Current Retail Price: $29.95

This book for children ages 5^-8 provides a wealth of information organized in 10 thematic sections: "The Universe," "Our Planet Earth," "The Sea," "All Kind of Animals," "Plants," "When Dinosaurs Lived," "My Body," "Machines," "Science," and "People and Places." At the onset of each section, a table of contents lists the topics covered. Most topics are discussed in two-page spreads with quizzes, activities, stories, and word boxes to aid in better understanding of the content. For example, "The Sea" discusses waves and tides and includes the legend of King Canute and the tides, a quiz, and an activity. More than 2,500 full-color photographs, diagrams, cross-sections, maps, and artwork will make the book appealing to children. The index notes main entries in bold type. Illustrations are not indexed. In "Machines," under the subsection "Other Aircraft," one finds an activity on how to make a gyrocopter. However, nowhere is there a definition of such an aircraft, and the index does not include the term gyrocopter.

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