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Kate's Choice

Kate's Choice

by Louisa May Alcott
Publisher: River Oak
Hardcover, 125 pages

A rediscovered Louisa May Alcott literary treasure is set to follow in the footsteps of the Quiet Little Woman. From Little Women to the Inheritance, Louisa May Alcott has charmed generations of fans for more than 150 years. Her unrivaled legacy includes this rediscovered gem that begins... "According to her father's wish, Kate was to live for a while with the families of each of her four uncles before she decided with which she would make her home. All were anxious to have her, one because of her money, another because her great-grandfather had been a lord, a third hoped to secure her hand for the son of a close friend, while the fourth and best family loved her for herself alone. They were worthy people, as the world goes -- busy, ambitious, and prosperous; and every one, old and young, was fond of bright, pretty, generous Kate. Each family was anxious to keep her, a little jealous of the rest, and very eager to know which she would choose. But Kate surprised them all by saying.... "

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