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Introduction to Composition - Teacher Guide

Introduction to Composition - Teacher Guide

by Ashley Gratto
Publisher: Memoria Press
Trade Paperback, 40 pages
Current Retail Price: $10.00

Introduction to Composition focuses on the concepts of narration, dictation, and copywork. Reading passages are taken from Farmer Boy, Charlotte’s Web, and The Moffats. Students are given guided questions to help them formulate a summary of the passage they have read. After giving an oral summary of their reading, their written work consists of a written summary and copying a couple of sentences from dictation. The goal of this first writing course is to help students become more proficient in listening and writing skills, a great preparation for the Memoria Press writing program, Classical Composition. Introduction to Composition is composed of 30 lessons, a year-long writing course that goes along perfectly withthe Memoria Press third grade literature guides, but can be used independently as well.

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