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Drums of War Book 1
by Peter Reese Doyle
Trade Paperback, 170 pages
Current Retail Price: $8.95

PLEASE NOTE: this is your last chance to buy this book. We will NOT be buying it again. Also, this book is NOT RETURNABLE, and SOLD AS-IS. It may have defects, such as highlighting, torn pages or loose cover.

First in a series (entitled Drums of War) of historical novels for youth and young adults designed to teach in an enjoyable way the principles, events, and persons behind America's independence. Independence is set in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1775 when the Royal Governor sent British troops to steal gunpowder form the town's public magazine. The colonists are alerted and the drama builds to a climax as Patrick Henry leads Partiot militiamen toward a dramatic showdown with the British Governor.

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