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In My Uncle's House

In My Uncle's House

by Julie Nye
Trade Paperback, 117 pages
Current Retail Price: $10.00

Young Travis Mclarren can't bear to leave his black mare, Winsome, and the rugged mountain farm where his family lives in Kentucky. But he has no choice; his parents heave died, and his uncle Wade Shelver, has sold the farm.

With aching hearts, Travis and his sisters move to Chellavue, their uncle's mansion in Asheville. Although his sisters gradually begin to adjust to their new life, the luxurious surroundings at Chellavue only serve to deepen Travis's distrust of his Uncle Wade, and his resentment against god. Even getting to know Flame, a magnificent chestnut gelding, does not help Travis as he struggles with bitter loneliness. His rebellious spirit gets him into trouble again and again until one day he endangers Flame's life and his Uncle Wade decides on a drastic course of action.

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