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Hunting for Whales

Hunting for Whales

by Michael McHugh
Trade Paperback, 111 pages
Current Retail Price: $7.95

Here is a fascinating account of two young men, from very different backgrounds, who experience the adventure of whaling during the mid-nineteenth century. It is a story not only of high sea adventure and hardship, but of friendship, love, and God's redeeming grace.

In modern American society, few people understand why men risked their lives and endured long periods of loneliness simply to hunt for whales. It is the hope of the author that readers of this book will be able to appreciate the daring exploits of whale men and to rightly esteem their accomplishments. May your respect for whales and whaling men grow as you consider what it was like to come face to face with a monstrous creature armed only with an iron spear and Yankee courage.

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