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How? More Experiments for the Young Scientist

How? More Experiments for the Young Scientist

by Dave Prochnow
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Trade Paperback, 160 pages
Current Retail Price: $10.95

The perfect complement to the Prochnows' Why? Experiments for the Young Scientist, this book is filled with safe, easy, inexpensive experiments that encourage students to ask how scientific phenomena takes place. Each a self-contained lesson focusing on a specific natural or man-made occurrence, these projects serve to teach children important learning skills like following directions, observing, and recording information, as well as to stimulate further interest and inquiry into the sciences.

PLEASE NOTE: this is your last chance to buy this book. We will NOT be buying it again. Also, this book is NOT RETURNABLE, and SOLD AS-IS. It may have defects, such as highlighting, torn pages or loose cover.

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