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High-Frequency Words: Stories and Activities, Level B

High-Frequency Words: Stories and Activities, Level B

Trade Paperback, 112 pages
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High-Frequency Words: Stories and Activities, Level B focuses on teaching 100 high-frequency grade 1 words taken primarily from the Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary list and Fry’s Instant Words. Each unit addresses 6 or 7 sight words and 2 to 4 key story nouns. Units follow a consistent format, with the words practiced individually, in sentences, and in a story. Helping your students learn to read these 100 words on sight will improve reading fluency, automaticity, and comprehension.

  • Vocabulary on all pages is carefully controlled to foster success. Students encounter only those words that have been introduced previously.
  • Engaging and fun stories, which often incorporate rhyme or rhythmic patterns, make high-frequency word practice meaningful.
  • Reproducible word-list sliders allow for quick and easy practice and may be used with any page in the lesson. They may also be sent home for continuing practice.
  • Three cumulative word lists help assess students’ word mastery.
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