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Hearts & Hands

Hearts & Hands

Beginner's Drill in Letters, Numbers, Phonics, and Math

by Florence Lindstrom
2nd Edition, ©2013, Publisher Catalog #CLP29805
Consumable Workbook, 124 pages
Current Retail Price: $13.75

See series description for full review.

See series description for full review.

Hearts & Hands is intended to develop you student's skills in letters and numbers, phonics and math, and handwriting and hand-eye coordination. This is a full-colordrill book intended to lay the foundation for you child's future development in the basic skills of reading, writing, andarithmetic.

The title of this book comes from an old proverb that says, "Hands to work—Hearts to God." When a child is young, the things he does with his hands often form a channel to his heart and mind. In other words, his heart is molded and affected by the things he does and touches. Since God's word is the center of all life and education, Hearts and Hands will help your child develop reading, writing and math skills so that he or she will be able to effectively understand and communicate God's word.

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