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Grace Agenda 2012: Makers - CD Set

Grace Agenda 2012: Makers - CD Set

Publisher: Canon Press
Audio CD
Current Retail Price: $25.00

We are made in the image of our Maker, and whether we like it or not, we are makers ourselves. Our making cannot be stopped. We make music and books and movies and cities. We make trouble. We make love. We make deals, decisions, and excuses. We make money. We make donuts and art and airplanes and babies. And wine. And pie. Every minute of every day, we are making this world worse, or we are making it better. We lesser creators labor in faith by grace from the One who first Made, or thoughtlessly and on impulse like dogs on a sidewalk.

The Talks

  1. LOVE-MAKERS | Justin Holcomb
  2. FUTURE-MAKERS | Douglas Wilson
  3. MAN-MAKERS | Ben Merkle
  4. PEACE-MAKERS | Toby Sumpter
  5. TROUBLE-MAKERS | N.D. Wilson
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